Minimize Vulnerability Exposure

KernelCare deploys security patches without system restarts or downtime, so you can automatically apply them as soon as they’re available – helping you stay secure and compliant with a number of regulatory patching requirements.


Eliminate Maintenance Windows

With Kernelcare, you no longer need to schedule emergency maintenance windows to apply patches – so you can postpone maintenance operations for as long as you need and regain control over when and why you execute them.


Streamline Vulnerability Management

KernelCare eases the pressure on IT security and SOC teams by helping minimize the amount of time and resources dedicated to lengthy vulnerability risk analysis and coordination between different teams.


Reduce Your Patching Workload

Leave the chaos of trying to coordinate vulnerability patching across several systems behind. Instead, put your patching on autopilot and let KernelCare automatically achieve patching consistency throughout your ecosystem.










... with answers!

KernelCare supports CentOS and RHEL 5, 6 and 7, CloudLinux 6 and 7, OpenVZ, Virtuozzo, PCS, Ubuntu 14.04 & 14.04.1 as well as Debian 6, 7 and 8 for x86_64 unmodified kernels.


Yes, KernelCare provides important updates for your kernel, but you still need to keep updating your applications.


If your kernel is not supported, KernelCare will detect it and do nothing. There is no danger (and no benefit) in using KernelCare on unsupported kernels.


Yes, KernelCare will work with third-party drivers. The drivers themselves will not be updated.


KernelCare works independently and does not interfere with Satellite & Satellite proxies. KernelCare automatically detects and patches a working kernel with all security patches from the latest kernel version, while kernel updates in the form of RPMs will continue to install as before - but won't require a reboot.


- KernelCare is a service that provides important updates to the running Linux kernel, eliminating the need to restart the server. KernelCare supports live kernel updating without affecting the operational state of applications - without restarts and reboots.

- KernelCare+ is an extended version of KernelCare which, apart from patches for the Linux kernel, also provides patches for essential userspace libraries such as glibc and OpenSSL. These libraries are critical and used by almost all popular applications running on Linux. KernelCare+ offers the same live patching experience as KernelCare, adding non-performance vulnerability patching for glibc and OpenSSL, keeping applications safe without interrupting their processing or information state.