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JetBackup 5 Overview

Backups are critical these days. Due to the rapid development of technology, the software on your website receives changes on a regular basis. What happens if an upgrade causes an error? What happens if you accidentally delete an email account or file? What happens if a table in your website's database gets corrupted?

Keeping backups is the answer to all those “what if”. JetBackup 5 comes to the rescue. It is included in the feature pack we offer and is a core component of our shared hosting services. We look at the specifics of JetBackup 5 and how it can benefit you.

What is JetBackup?

For cPanel, JetBackup is a backup solution that provides reliable offshore backup services. This service can be added to any of our virtual or dedicated private servers, or used with any of our shared hosting packages.

Your cPanel account is backed up automatically and incrementally by JetBackup, which stores the snapshots on an external server. That way, you always have the option to restore everything from your cPanel account if the need arises. Best of all, since backups are stored on a separate server, they don't take up your disk space. The service supports up to seven daily backups.

Finally, as we discussed, JetBackup performs a progressive backup. This means that data is backed up only if it has changed since the last backup. The next backup reflects any changes made to a website text file or any new images you've uploaded without recreating the entire backup. This technique prevents all information from being stored multiple times, thus keeping backups compact and manageable.

What recovery options are available in JetBackup 5?

You can see JetBackup in the Files area of your cPanel account after logging in.

JetBackup in cPanel

These are the recovery options we offer in our services:

- Full Backups
- Home Directory
- Cron Jobs
- Databases
- Database Users
- DNS Zones
- Certificates
- Email Accounts
- FTP Accounts

General Interface Overview

The Dashboardis the first item you see when you launch JetBackup. That's where all your recovery options go.

JetBackup in cPanel

In the top center section, you see general statistics about the backups of your web hosting account.

 - You can see under New Alerts if there are any problems generating any of your backups.

 - About the amount of backups we have for your web hosting account, Total Backups gives you extensive information.

 - The total disk space used by your web hosting account is detailed in Total Account Usage.

The Restore & Download appears just below the stats section. There are shortcuts to every type of backup we create for your web hosting account.

 - Full Backup – A full backup in JetBackup 5 is the process of creating a copy of all data on a system or server.;
 - Home directory – you can use this option if you need to restore files from your web hosting account.
Cron Job - Restore cron jobs allow you to restore cron job you deleted.
 - Databases – Use this option if you want to restore any database on your web hosting account.
 - Database Users – Converted to the present simple tense, the text would read: "Use this option if you want to restore any database users you may have deleted.
 - DNS Zones&nbsp ;- This option allows you to restore the DNS zones for your web hosting account.
 - Certificates – With this option you can restore the SSL certificates for your domains if, for example, you uninstall some.
 - Email Accounts – In case you have deleted some emails, you can use this option to restore an entire email account from a previous date.
 - FTP Accounts – This option allows you to restore deleted FTP accounts.

The View and Manage section is next in the control panel. it has three options: Account Management, Queue and Download Preview.

- The Account Management option only allows you to configure an email account that JetBackup 5 used to send notifications in case of backup generation error.
- The Queue option shows data about all current backup restores (their current status or any restore errors).
- The Download Preview option in JetBackup 5 serves to provide users with a convenient and intuitive way to view, select and download specific backup files or entire backups.

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