Robust protection against cyber attacks

Imunify360 offers an automated security solution with distributed threat intelligence analyzing data from all its installations. It instantly reacts to cyber threats, backed by cloud-based heuristics for stronger protection. Real-time threat sharing between the protection system's protected servers provides collective immunity and refines detection capabilities, protecting against known and emerging threats, including zero-day and brute-force attacks, for a stable server.


A Significantly Lower False Positive Rate is a Top Priority

With Imunify360 protection, you can forget about false alarms and keep your business & website protected when it matters most. Our protection makes Imunify360 a must for any business.


Next-Level Proprietary Technology Protects Your System from Malware

munify360 analyzes scripts in real-time and recognizes dangerous execution flows. This means you no longer need to look at the CVE lists to identify current exploits. Imunify360 stops malicious PHP scripts, both new and old, preventing them from running on your servers. In addition, Imunify360 shares data with WAF and antivirus, giving your servers an extra layer of protection.


Hands-off integration right inside your hosting control panel, with 24x7 support

Imunify360 is immediately ready to use after installation, providing fast protection and easy monitoring through the integrated control panel. Monitor your server security directly from panels like cPanel, Plesk, or DirectAdmin.





Imunify360 Up to 30




Imunify360 Up to 250




Imunify360 Single User




Imunify360 Up to Unlimited





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Imunify360 is a comprehensive security suite for linux web-servers. Antivirus, Firewall, WAF, PHP Security Layer, Patch Management, Domain Reputation with easy UI and advanced automation.


Proactive Defense relies on a proactive approach to security. It stops malware before any malicious code or script is executed. With Imunify360 Proactive Defense no hidden or obfuscated malware will get to our server.


Yes, Linux Malware Scanner for Imunify360 servers scans file systems for malware injection and automatically cleans it. Its efficient dashboard also allows the user to monitor all incidents at one place.


Herd Antivirus is security software that uses a unique approach to detect and prevent malware (malware). It works by combining various scanning and analysis methods, including behavioral analysis, signature-based techniques, and artificial intelligence. Through this "herd" approach, Herd Antivirus is able to detect new and unknown threats more effectively than traditional antivirus programs that rely primarily on predefined signatures of known threats.


We support all the popular systems: CloudLinux OS 6,7,8, Ubuntu 16,18, 20, CentOS 6,7,8, Debian 9,10, RHEL 6,7,8, AlmaLinux 8


Getting Started Guide will guide you through all the steps of the installation process and help you explore all the features of Imunify360 .


Imunify360 offers Stand-alone installation. The detailed instructions are available here.


You can find all technical documentation about Imunify360 here.