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Basic protections

"Data Center East" meets all requirements necessary for the certification of such a building facility for a data center.

    • Independent (N+1) A and B UPS 230V AC power supply systems.
    • Fire fighting - extinguishing agent FM200
    • Independent MMRs and approaches for cable routes.
    • A and B alternative diesel generators.
    • Air monitoring system
    • 600 mm raised (double) floor.
    • Reserved optical connections on independent routes.
    • N+1 UPS systems with phase synchronization.

Key Advantages

safe and secure

Equipment safety

Super powerful redundant 2(N+1) air conditioner with configuration of hot and cold rows. Fire fighting system with extinguishing agent FM200, guaranteeing the physical protection of the equipment.


Secure Environment

Additional security with lockable telecommunication cabinets and cages. Your information will never be accessible by third parties and nobody will be able to sneak-peak into your sensitive data.

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24/7 Monitoring

Physical security and controlled access with RFID cards and video surveillance. 24x7 monitoring and support on spot.


Ensuring Uninterrupted Connectivity

The data center of VIVACOM is part of the backbone network for data transmission, with installed MAN and DWDM sites, which guarantees high capacities of transmission services, as well as their high reliability due to the presence of redundancy through different routes and redundant communication equipment.

Disaster Recovery Center

Although our physical servers are located in cutting-edge data center that covers all international security and reliability standards, we provision another level of protection - the Disaster Recovery Center. It is situated at a remote location from the data center and through it we provide a daily backup of all data located on our servers.

Unfortunately, disasters and breakdowns are a part of life, no matter how small the chance of something like this happening, no matter how well secured our servers are, we won't leave anything to chance and will secure your data on yet another level that will allow you to restore them even in the most critical situations!

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